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Will Spousal Maintenance Be An Issue In Your Divorce?

Divorce is a life-changing experience, and many people are often surprised by the effect that the process will have upon their finances. The spouses will be going from two incomes down to one, and it can make it very difficult for each spouse to make ends meet once the divorce has been finalized. In some circumstances, a spouse may be eligible for support payments, sometimes called alimony, to help them adjust to life after divorce. At Cloutier Law Offices P.A., Elizabeth A. Cloutier has handled both sides of alimony cases. She has more than 25 years of experience finding solutions for families, and she is confident that she will be able to help you obtain results.

Helping You Understand Spousal Support In Minnesota

The amount and duration of spousal support for Minnesota couples will depend upon several factors, including the length of time that the couple was married as well as their standard of living. If one of the spouses gave up a career to raise the family, it might be possible that an award will be issued to help the individual gain the skills necessary to re-enter the workforce. Ms. Cloutier has extensive experience with property division issues and will help you understand the possible outcomes in your case.

Can Modifications Be Made To Spousal Maintenance?

It is common for many of these orders to be revisited due to a change in circumstances. The paying spouse may get a different job, and if this has an impact upon the person’s income, it could result in either higher or lower alimony payments. Couples often have serious disagreements over the amount that should be paid after these changes, and the firm has helped many clients with their requests for spousal support modifications.

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