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How Is Child Support Calculated In Minnesota?

In Minnesota, child support is calculated using a formula provided in the statutes. This means that the courts will be required to examine certain factors to determine exactly what the child support should be in your case. These considerations can include:

  • Employment status for both parties
  • Gross monthly income for both parties (from all sources)
  • Basic expenses for raising a child
  • Medical needs of the child
  • Day care and other child care costs
  • How many children live with each parent
  • Custody or parenting time orders
  • Spousal maintenance orders

We understand the complex nature of these proceedings, and we will present detailed information that will demonstrate why your requests should be approved by the courts.

How Is Child Support Affected By Custody Arrangements?

The child support award is tied directly to your parenting time and custody schedule. This means that it is extremely important for you to speak to our attorney about your case as soon as possible. If an agreement has been reached concerning custody and parenting time, or an order has been entered, it might be difficult for you to receive or contest the amount of support that will be required in your case.

After an initial child support award has been made, it may be necessary for you to request a modification due to a significant change in circumstances. You may have a new job that provides you with less income, or perhaps you received a raise. These financial changes may allow either party to modify the existing order, and we offer assistance in these cases as well. We have helped many men and women with their child support modification requests.

Do You Have Child Support Concerns?

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